Guilt-Free Philosophy: There is never the need to apologize for taking some time to feel good, and look good. Between family, friends, work and social responsibilities, life's frenetic pace can sometimes feel completely overwhelming. Beautitude invites you to press pause on the frenzy button and indulge in a little guilt-free time for yourself.


We would never think of hurting our furry little friends in the name of beauty! That’s why all of Beautitude’s products are cruelty-free, vegan, and made with natural-based ingredients and oils!


Beautitude is founded by 2 cheeky sisters with a love for beauty, plenty of attitude and entrepreneurial spirit!


Beautitude believes in being 100% Transparent in everything they do. We believe it’s better to do it right or not at all.


There isn’t enough lovin’ for your body out there, and we are here to make it right! Our targeted body treatments are the perfect solution to give yourself some TLC and instantly get healthy, envious looking skin!

6Our products are
made in Canada!